What is a “Target”?

A Target is a web site, web application, server or network device that you would like to scan for security vulnerabilities using Acunetix.

What is a “Free Scan Target”?

A “Free Scan Target” is a network server or device that can be configured in Acunetix Online and which can be scanned for network vulnerabilities.

During the trial, Acunetix Online users can configure up to 3 scan targets to test Acunetix. These Scan Targets will be automatically converted to Free Scan Targets after the Acunetix Online trial expires. These scan targets will not expire.

Acunetix Online customers can configure up to their license limit as FREE Scan Targets, essentially doubling their scan target quota. For example, a customer that has a 10 Target license can configure an extra 10 FREE Network Targets, in addition to the 10 Targets allowed by the license.

NOTE: Only fully verified Acunetix Online accounts can request Network scans on their perimeter servers. More information can be found in the “Verifying Scan Target Ownership” section in the Configuring Scan Targets documentation.

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    • Hi,

      I am assuming that you are using Acunetix OVS. I just tested this, and it is working as expected. Can you try again and get in touch with our support team if you encounter the problem again?

      Thank you

  • Please, what means “n” targets for Online edition? “1 target” mean that I can scan ONLY THE SAME hostname or IP for a year? “3 targets” mean that I can SCAN ONLY 3 IPs/hostnames for a year? Thanks.

  • if i have 3 sub domains like abc.zobble.com and api.zobble.com and zobble.com, then will it be considered as 3 different sites? Please confirm

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