Free scan will identify network security issues including the feared Heartbleed to allow businesses to fix them in time

London, June 17, 2014 – The recent Heartbleed vulnerability has highlighted the urgent need for more network level security scanning. In view of this, Acunetix has announced that it will be offering 10,000 Free Network Security Scans with Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner (OVS) in a bid to make it easier for businesses to take control of their network security.

Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner is a hosted security scanner that will scan a perimeter server for network level vulnerabilities and provide detailed reports so as to allow the security administrator to fix the vulnerabilities before a hacker finds them.

All the Network Scanning capabilities available in Acunetix OVS will be available for free for fourteen days, allowing users to audit their Internet (and hacker) facing servers.

The free network scan feature allows companies to:

  • Scan their servers for over 35,000 network vulnerabilities
  • Audit their Internet-facing servers and identify system and network weaknesses
  • Ensure that servers are not running any illegitimate services, such as Trojans, or services that are installed unintentionally
  • Identify any vulnerable versions of applications running on the servers
  • Discover the information that the systems are leaking using various techniques such as OS fingerprinting, port banner grabbing and service probing
  • Ensure that all the organisation’s services, including FTP and mail, do not suffer from Heartbleed
  • Get additional information about other vulnerabilities and network problems detected.

To make use of this offer, companies must sign up for their Free Network Security Scan using a valid company email address. Once their scan target has been verified they can then make use of the scanning features mentioned above.

“Building on Acunetix’ success as the market leader in web vulnerability detection, we wanted to ensure no stone was left unturned, by adding another layer of security – the detection of network vulnerabilities,” announced Nicholas Sciberras, Product Manager at Acunetix. “The Heartbleed bug has been dubbed by experts as one of the most dangerous security vulnerabilities to ever hit the Internet. With the free Acunetix security scan however, we have provided companies a way to leverage our security knowledge to help secure their network,” added Mr. Sciberras.

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