Integrating Acunetix 360 with the Bamboo Plugin

Bamboo is an automation server that enables software developers to build automation into their projects by supplying plugins. Bamboo functionality can be extended using our new Acunetix 360 Scan Bamboo plugin.

This topic explains how to use the new Acunetix 360 Bamboo plugin to integrate Acunetix 36 with Bamboo to enable our advanced integration functionality.

The Acunetix 360 Scan Bamboo plugin is packaged into a jar file called bamboo-plugin.jar. This package has been tested and approved for Bamboo version 6.4.0+.

For further information, see What Systems Does Acunetix 360 Integrate With?

How to download the Bamboo Plugin
  1. Log in to Acunetix 360.
  2. From the main menu, go to  Integrations > New Integration > Bamboo.

  1. From the Use Plugin tab, select Download the plugin.
  2. Save the file to a location of your choice.
How to install the Bamboo Plugin
  1. Open Bamboo.
  2. From the Bamboo Administration drop-down, select Manage Apps.

  1. From the Add-ons panel, select Upload add-on.
  2. From the Upload app dialog, select Choose File.

  1. Select the bamboo-plugin.jar file you downloaded in a previous step, and select Open to upload it.
  2. Select Upload.
  3. Finally, refresh the page.

Configuring the Bamboo Project

Each Bamboo project has its own plans. Each plan has its own jobs that contain tasks. To use The Acunetix 360 Scan task, it must be added to a job.

How to Configure the Bamboo Project
  1. Open Bamboo.
  2. On the Administration page, from the Manage Apps section of the main menu, select Acunetix 360.
  3. Select Configure.
  4. In the API Settings section, enter the API credentials: Server URL and API Token.

  1. Select Test Connection.
  2. In the Plugin Settings section, select Hide website list if you prefer.


The Hide website list, if selected, removes the Website Deploy URL drop-down on the Task page and adds a field, so you can enter the website ID.

To see the website ID, log in to Acunetix 360. From the main menu, select Websites > Websites. From the website list, select the website to view its ID in the address bar.

  1. Select Save.
  2. From the main menu, select Projects.

  1. Choose the project to which you want to add the Acunetix 360 Scan plugin.

  1. Choose the plan to which you want to add the Acunetix 360 Scan plugin.
  2. Select Actions, then Configure Plan.
  3. From the Stages tab, select a job to which you want to add the Acunetix 360 scan task.

  1. Select Add task, then select Acunetix 360 Scan Task.

  1. From the Acunetix 360 Scan Task configuration window, select the relevant scan settings.
  • If the Hide website list checkbox is not selected, the following page appears:

  • If the Hide website list checkbox is selected, the following page appears:

15. Select Save.

Viewing Acunetix 360 Scan Results in Bamboo

When the build has been triggered, you can view the scan results in both Bamboo and Acunetix 360.

How to View Acunetix 360 Scan Results in Bamboo

Open Bamboo. In the Build Result window, select the Acunetix 360 Report tab. If the scan is not yet finished, a warning message is displayed. When the scan is finished, the scan results from the Acunetix 360 Scan Summary Report are displayed.


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