Previewing Notifications

Ensuring that the notifications work is very important, especially if you are using them to be notified of possible critical vulnerabilities on a live web application. You can do a dry run and preview the notifications from the Notifications Preview node in the Notifications menu.

For further information, see Managing Notifications.

How to Preview a Notification
  1. From the main menu, click Notifications, then Notifications Preview.

  1. In the Group Scan field:
  • Select No, if you want to preview a single website (this displays the Website dropdown)
  • Select Yes, if you want to preview a group (this displays the Website Group dropdown)
  1. From the Website dropdown, select a website
  2. From the Website Group dropdown, select a group.
  3. Click Show Preview.
  4. The Preview Result is displayed.

  1. The results will only show details of the notification rules for the selected website or website group. This allows you to view all rules and events from a site or group on a single screen.


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