Excluding Parts of a Website From a Scan

You can exclude some parts of your website from a scan based on different criteria. For example, you may want to exclude a contact form or guest book from a scan of your production website.



When part of a web application is excluded from a web security scan, this part is not scanned for vulnerabilities. We recommend that you run exclusion rules through your testing environment so that you are sure which parts will be scanned.

For further information on the different ways you can exclude parts of your website from a scan, click a link.

  • Configuring the Scan Scope to define only specific parts of the website to scan
  • Excluding Parameters From a Scan
  • Excluding File Types from a Scan
  • Writing Regular Expressions to Include/Exclude URLs
  • Preventing Acunetix 360 From Testing Certain Pages
  • Excluding Crawled Resources After Crawling and During a Scan
  • Excluding Pages and Files with Specific Content Types from a Scan
  • Excluding Advertising Networks from a Scan
  • Excluding a Subdirectory


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