Overview of Scanning

In Acunetix 360, you can do the following:

  • Launch Scans
  • Launch Group Scans
  • View the status of all scans, including Scans that are In Progress
  • Schedule Scans
  • View Recent Scans (and Reports), including the Scan Policy that was used

Types of Scans

This table lists and explains the various types of scans available in Acunetix 360.



Full Scans

Full Scans (the default ones) scan every area of your website.

For further information, see Creating a New Scan.

Scheduled Scans

Scheduled Scans are Full or Incremental Scans that do not take place immediately but at a set time in the future, and possibly on a recurring basis. You can schedule individual or group scans.

For further information, see Scheduling Scans.

Group Scans

Group scans are scans that are run in for those Website Groups that have been created in Acunetix 360.

For further information, see How to Run a Group Scan in Acunetix 360, and How to Create a Scheduled Group Scan in Acunetix 360.

Incremental Scans

Incremental Scans begin over already-completed Full Scans, but they only attack newly introduced, and amended, pages since the initial scan. Neither running nor cancelled scans can be used as a base for an Incremental Scan; the initial scan must first be completed.

For further information, see How to Run an Incremental Scan in Acunetix 360.


Retests scan the discovered vulnerabilities, not the entire website.

For further information, see How to Run a Retest in Acunetix 360.



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