Activating Acunetix via Command Line

You can activate Acunetix from a command line using the scanner executable:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Acunetix\core\wsvc.exe

The command line parameters available are:

  • /activate <activationRequest.json_filename> *
  • /log <log_filename>
  • /log-level <log_level>

Note that the parameters tagged with * are required for a valid activation.

πŸ” Command Line - Run as Administrator

To ensure that the activation process is silent, you must launch the command as an administrator on the machine; otherwise the user may see desktop notifications to allow certain actions.

Parameter /activate <activationRequest.json_filename>

The activateΒ parameter is necessary to instruct the scanner to perform an activation with the specified JSON file. If the JSON file does not reside in the current working directory, you must specify the complete path including the filename. The format of the JSON file is as follows:

{"license_key": "AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD",

"company": "Example, Inc.",

"name": "John Doe",

"phone": "+1 2223334444",

"email": "",

"country": "United States",

"acumonitor": 1,

"http_proxy": {"host": "", "port": "", "uname": "", "pass": ""}}

The possible values for "acumonitor" are:

  • 0 β€” no action related to Acunetix Online Services to be taken
  • 1 β€” register with Acunetix Online Services; this will register the license with Acunetix Online Services after successful activation
  • 2 β€” unregister with Acunetix Online Services

The http_proxy array must contain the details for the proxy you wish to use for activation traffic only. If no proxy is required, the values can be left blank as in the above example.

Parameter /log <log_filename>

The logΒ optional parameter will specify which log file to output messages to.

Parameter /log-level

The log-levelΒ optional parameter will specify the verbosity of the log messages generated. The possible values are:

  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error

...where debug is the most verbose, and error is the least verbose.

Example Command Line for Activation

C:\>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Acunetix\core\wvsc.exe" /activate C:\Users\johndoe\Desktop\exampleactivation.json /log wsvc.log /log-level debug


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