Can I re-use the AcuSensor file on multiple Targets?

By default an individual AcuSensor file is generated for each Target you create. This helps make generation of AcuSensor files simple since you do not need to manage or remember secrets used by AcuSensor.

This being said, there might be situations where you may need to use the same AcuSensor installation for more than one Target. One such example is when you create the two Targets with the same URL, but with different settings.

To use the same AcuSensor file in this situation, you need to manually set the same token in the AcuSensor configuration by navigating to the Target’s AcuSensor configuration.

Click on the Change button:

Inserting your custom AcuSensor token (use a strong token value), and click the Set Token button.

Repeat this for each of the Targets you wish to configure AcuSensor with the same token. You will then need to re-download and re-deploy AcuSensor for each Target for this change to be effective.

For each of your Targets, go to your Target information page and scroll to the "AcuSensor" panel to download the AcuSensor agent file again, and re-deploy it to your web application again, overwriting the previous AcuSensor agent file on the web application.

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