Configuring a Logon Banner message

You can configure a Logon Banner to be shown to the user before displaying the login panel. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • configure a logon banner by creating a logon_notice.txt file
  • configure a logon banner message in the INI file

In each case, it will be necessary to restart the Acunetix backend service for the new settings to take effect.

πŸ” Logon Banner Settings - Priority

If you configure a logon banner message in BOTH the INI file AND the logon_notice.txt file, the logon_notice.txt file will take precedence.

One typical use case would be to satisfy Statutory requirements for access to sensitive systems, such as, for example, to display the US DoD Notice and Consent Banner β€” refer to the screenshot example at the end of this article for this particular example.

Option 1 - Configure a Logon Banner message in a TXT file

Create a TXT file and insert your Logon Banner message in the TXT file; it can be a simple one line message such as:

Please scan only authorised targets.

...or a much more detailed message spanning multiple lines.

The TXT file must be created with the following path:

  • Windows β€” C:\ProgramData\Acunetix\shared\logon_notice.txt
  • Linux β€” /home/acunetix/.acunetix/data/logon_notice.txt
  • MacOS β€” /Applications/

Option 2 - Configure a Logon Banner message in the INI file

Open the INI file and add a line at the end containing your logon banner message:

logon_banner=Please scan only authorised targets.

The INI file is located in the following path:

  • Windows β€” C:\ProgramData\Acunetix\settings.ini
  • Linux β€” /home/acunetix/.acunetix/wvs.ini
  • MacOS β€” /Applications/

Restarting the Acunetix Backend service

To restart the Acunetix Backend service, run a administrator command line (windows) or terminal (linux) and execute the following command:

  • Windows β€” net stop Acunetix && net start Acunetix
  • Linux β€” sudo systemctl restart acunetix
  • MacOS β€” sudo launchctl kickstart -k system/com.acunetix.AcunetixBackend

Example Logon Banner message


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