How do I configure scan speed in Acunetix?

Being able to scan a website or web application quickly is certainly important, however, a fast scan isn’t always the desired outcome. There are cases where you might be scanning a web application on a web server with very limited resources (especially when scanning web applications on embedded devices), or perhaps you are scanning a web application with aggressive rate-limiting.

Whatever the reason, configuring a scan to run at a slower speed (throttling) is sometimes necessary. Acunetix makes throttling a scan simple.

To throttle a scan, navigate to the Target you wish to throttle, slide the Scan Speed slider in the Target Information page to suit your needs, then click the "Save" button.

The following are the values assigned to each setting on the Scan Speed slider.

Scan Speed



1 Concurrent Request

0ms Request Delay


2 Concurrent Requests

250ms Request Delay


5 Concurrent Requests

250ms Request Delay


10 Concurrent Requests

0ms Request Delay

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