How to check for the latest vulnerabilities added to Acunetix

New Acunetix updates come out, on average, every month. In addition to new features, updates, and fixes, each update includes checks for new vulnerabilities. A full list of updates can be found here.

It is good practice to run a scan of all your web assets after updating Acunetix. By doing so, you can ensure that your targets are not vulnerable to the new vulnerabilities covered by the latest update.

Although Acunetix scans are very fast, running full scans of all targets may take some time. Acunetix keeps track of vulnerability checks that have been introduced or updated in each update and stores these in a scan type called New Web Vulnerabilities. You can select the New Web Vulnerabilities scan type when you create a new scan.

Scanning for new web vulnerabilities

Using this feature, you can quickly and easily check if your web assets are vulnerable to any new security threats.

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