How to enable Email Notifications in Acunetix On-Premises

While Acunetix provides us with a realtime dashboard and scan results, sometimes, you may simply want to be notified when an event that requires your attention occurs, for example, when a scan completes. In Acunetix on-premises, you’ll need to configure an SMTP server that will be used to deliver these notifications.

🔍 Acunetix Online Notifications

In Acunetix Online, you will receive email notifications automatically.

To enable notifications in Acunetix on-premises, navigate to Email Settings, enter the details of your SMTP server, configure any encryption and authentication if required. Acunetix supports SMTP over both TLS and SSL, however, if you are unsure which protocol your SMTP server accepts, you may select ‘Auto’ for Acunetix to automatically figure out which protocol to use.

In the "Send Email Notifications" panel below, select which events you would like to receive notifications for.

Click Save to save and apply your settings.

🔍 Acunetix Online Notifications

Some email providers such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 may require app-specific passwords when 2FA is enabled.

Acunetix will now forward all user creation, scan and licensing notifications to the configured SMTP server. This will be addressed to the user who started the scan (in the event of a scan notification), or the administrator (in the event of an administrative notification).

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