How to switch Acunetix UI to Simplified Chinese

The latest version of Acunetix allows you to change the Acunetix UI to Simplified Chinese.

Change the UI Language

  1. Login using the credentials provided during the installation
  2. Change to the user profile page; this is the page which is shown on new installations
  3. Switch the language to 简体 (Simplified Chinese)


Can I have 1 user using English UI and another user using Simplified Chinese UI?

Yes, this is possible. The language setting is tied to the user account, and can be accessed from each user's profile page. However currently only the UI of the Root account can be switched to Simplified Chinese. We will be releasing an update to address this issue.

Can I upgrade my existing installation to the one which supports Simplified Chinese?

Yes, this is possible. You just need to upgrade to the latest Acunetix build and use the above procedure to switch the UI to Simplified Chinese.


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