Why do I get a Security Warning in Firefox when I use Acunetix?

If you are a Firefox user, you might have seen TLS/SSL warnings when trying to access the Acunetix On-Premises web console from Firefox.

This occurs because Firefox does not recognize the self-signed Acunetix root certificate authority created upon installation. It’s important to note that Firefox, unlike other browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, relies on its own certificate store as opposed to the operating system’s.

To access the Acunetix web console in Firefox without viewing this message, you will need to add the Acunetix root certificate authority generated uniquely during installation as a trusted certificate authority in Firefox’s trusted root certificate store.

Doing so is simple. Open Firefox’s menu and navigate to Options > Privacy & Security > Security > Certificates.

Click the View Certificates button. This will popup a dialog box with all certificates in Firefox’s certificate store. Navigate to the Authorities tab and click the Import button at the bottom of the dialog.

A dialog will popup asking you to select the certificate you want to import. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Acuentix\certs, select ca.cer and click Open.

Firefox will now ask you to confirm that you want to add the Acunetix certificate to its certificate store. Tick the Trust this CA to identify websites checkbox (first of three checkboxes), and click OK.

You should now see the Acunetix certificate authority added to the list. Click OK to close the dialog.

Navigate to the URL Acunetix is configured at (https://localhost:3443 by default). You will now see no warnings or security prompts.

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