How do I enable 2FA on my account?

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra level of security when logging into Acunetix. When 2FA is enabled, anyone accessing the Acunetix will need to make use of a 2FA Authentication app to login to Acunetix.This article explains how to enable 2FA for your Acunetix account.

  • Login to Acunetix and change to your Profile page

  • Enable the option “Two Factor Authentication”, and enter your current password; you will be presented with the 2FA configuration page

  • Insert your current password.
  • Use your 2FA Authentication app to scan the barcode.
  • Your 2FA Authentication app will start providing codes for your Acunetix 2FA account. You will need to insert 2 consecutive codes generated by the app.
  • Click Enable once finished.


  • The Acunetix Administrator account can enforce 2FA for all Acunetix Accounts. This can be done from Settings > Users > Account Settings > Two factor authentication. When this option is enabled, each users will be requested to configure 2FA for his account at the next login.
  • Acunetix users can enable 2FA on their accounts even if this is not enforced. In such cases, the procedure described above applies.


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