Acunetix Online is a highly effective solution which helps you to identify web and network vulnerabilities in your Internet-facing web sites, web applications and any other perimeter servers. Acunetix Online consists of the following components:

Screenshot - Acunetix WVS User Interface


The dashboard provides a general overview of the security of your scan targets. From here, you can easily check:

  • how many vulnerabilities have been detected, grouped by severity
  • the threat level identified for recent scans
  • the vulnerabilities that are identified most frequently
  • the most vulnerable hosts
  • upcoming scans

When you start using Acunetix Online, you will be shown the Getting Started Wizard instead of the Dashboard.

Scan Targets

Screenshot - Scan Targets list

This is where you configure the servers that you would like Acunetix Online to scan. From the Scan Targets drop down, you can add Scan Targets, list all your Scan Targets and configure Scan Target Groups.

Launch Scans

This is where you can launch scans against your Scan Targets. Scan can be be configured to occur immediately or scheduled to start at a later date. Scans can also be configured to recur on a regular basis (e.g. every week or every month).


Screenshot - Scan Results

You can view your scans from the Scans drop down. Here you can monitor the status of your current scans, view the scan results and the alerts for the scans that have completed and generate reports for your finished scans.


Screenshot - Saved Reports

Reports can be generated from the Reports drop down too. All the reports are stored in your account, and can also be accessed from the Reports section.


Here you can view and edit your user details. You can also request that your account details are verified by an Acunetix representative - this is required before you can launch network scans on your scan targets.


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