Registration and Evaluation of Acunetix Online

First, you need to register with Acunetix Online before you can start running scans.  If you have not already registered, visit to start  your trial. Make sure that your details are correct as we will need these details in the manual review of your registration. Read and accept the Terms of Service and click the 'Register' button when done.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Click on the link in the email, to complete your registration. At this stage, you will be asked for a password which needs to be at least 8 characters, and contain 3 of the following – a number, a small letter, a capital letter and a special character (e.g. !@#$%).

Important: All registrations are manually reviewed. Perimeter network scans are only made available to accounts with correct and confirmed user details.

Acunetix Online Trial

Your Acunetix Online Trial starts the moment you confirm your account registration. The Acunetix Online Trial is practically identical to the full version in functionality and features, but contains the following limitations:

  • The Trial expires in 14 days
  • You can configure up to 3 Scan Targets of your choice
  • You can launch up to 3 LIMITED Web Scans against these Scan Targets. You will be notified of the vulnerabilities detected, but the details, remediation advice and PDF reports will not be available. You can download the Sample web reports.
  • You can launch up to 3 FULL Network Scans against these Scan Targets. You can continue scanning your scan targets for network vulnerabilities after the Trial period expires.

You can also launch FULL web and network scans, by configuring 3 of the following Acunetix test sites as Scan Targets and running scans against them.

Logging in

Screenshot - Acunetix Online Login Screen

You can log in to Acunetix Online from Use the email address and password that you provided during registration to log on to your Acunetix Online account.


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