Configuring Users

Depending on your license, the scanning and reporting tasks of scan targets can be delegated to other people within the organisation using additional user accounts. These user accounts can be given permissions on specific Target Groups, and they will be able to create new targets, scan them or report on the targets within the group. The account created during the installation is the only account that can configure users within Acunetix.

πŸ” Acunetix Editions & Features

The Configuring Users feature is only available in Acunetix Premium Edition (both on-premises and online)

User Account Roles

When creating a user account, you need to select a role for the user. There are 4 roles that you can choose from, which are:

  • Platform Administrator - this role gives access to system-wide functionalities for your account
  • Technical Administrator - this role gives access to all operational functions for any Targets assigned to any Target Group to which the user has been granted access
  • Tester - this role allows the user to manage scans for available targets
  • Auditor - this role allows the user to review results and generate reports

πŸ” Tech Admin Role - Additional Information

A user with the Tech Admin role can create new Targets if the user is given the "Access All Targets" right.

Depending on the role selected, the user will be able to create, edit, scan and delete Targets, view scans and generate reports. The following table summarises the permissions available for each role:


Tech Admin



Scan Targets

Full Control



Scan Target Groups

Edit / Scan




View / Delete

View / Delete



Create / View


Create / View

Creating a User Account

To create a user account:

  1. From Settings, move to the Users Section..
  2. Click the Add User button to create a new user

  1. Insert the email address, name, surname and password for the new user.
  2. Select the Role for the new user. User Roles are explained above.
  3. Select whether to give the user account access to all Target Groups configured in Acunetix. If this is not selected, you will have to assign permissions to specific Target Groups.
  4. Click "Save" when done.

πŸ” Target Groups - Additional Information

  • When a user is given access to a Target Group, the user will obtain access to any Targets that are subsequently added to the Target Group, and lose access to any Targets that are subsequently removed from the Target Group
  • A Tech Admin user with the "Access All Targets" right can create new Targets and can decide to add those Targets to Target Groups for which they have privileges

Managing User Accounts

You can manage all your User Accounts from the Users section within the General Settings page. From here, you can instantly review the roles given to each user. You can also give the "Access All Targets" right to individual users, disable users and remove users from your account.

User Profiles

Each user can manage personal settings from the profile menu:

  • the language for the user interface
  • the time zone with which to present scan and vulnerability information
  • the API Key for the user to build integrations into Acunetix
  • two-factor authentication for the user's login


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