How To Generate Reports

From the Reports page, there are 3 types of reports that can be generated:

  • All Vulnerabilities report - report on all the vulnerabilities detected on all the Targets configured in Acunetix
  • Scan Report - report on the vulnerabilities detected by one or multiple scans. When 2 scans for the same Target are selected, you will be given the option to compare the scans by using the "Compare Scans" button
  • Target Report - report on all the vulnerabilities detected on one or multiple Targets taking into consideration all the scans done on the target(s).

Reports can also be generated directly from the Targets page, the Vulnerabilities page or the Scans page.

Screenshot - Generate a Report

After choosing what to report on, you will need to choose a report template. The format of the report, the detail included, and the grouping used in the report are determined by the report template. Report templates are described in the next section.

After choosing to generate the report, you will then be taken to the Reports page. The report might take a few seconds to generate. The PDF or HTML report can be downloaded by clicking on the Download link, which becomes available when Acunetix has finished generating the report.


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