License Related Settings

The settings that are related to Licensing are only available to the Master User and to users with the "Platform Administrator" role.

Updating the License Key

If you have been supplied with a replacement license key for any reason, you can update your license from the License panel in your user's Profile page: simply clicking on the "Update License" button, entering your new License Key:

...and clicking on the "Apply License" button.

Checking License Usage

πŸ” Acunetix License Usage

For more details about the relationship between Targets, FQDNs, and Licenses, see What is a Target.

The License panel also provides you with a summary of your license usage.

You can also click on the count summary of Licensed Targets Used, and you will be taken to the FQDNs page:

This shows you a summary of how many different FQDNs you have used from your license allocation, the number of Targets you have defined for each specific FQDN, and an indicator showing whether the FQDN is configured on your local Acunetix installation or on some other installation.

Note that FQDNs that are licensed but not configured locally will have the FQDN partially obfuscated.

Note also that even though you may define multiple Targets that refer to the same FQDN, it is in fact the number of FQDNs that count against your license allocation. This example, in fact, demonstrates that we have 2 Targets defined for the "" FQDN, but only 1 license is consumed.

You can drill down further into the locally configured FQDNs, by clicking on one of the FQDNs in the list:

...and you will reach a filtered list of all the Targets you have created that relate to the FQDN you clicked in the previous page.


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