Proxy Server

IMPORTANT: These proxy server settings apply only to Acunetix Online.

To configure proxy server settings used by an internal agent with
Acunetix Premium+ Online, refer to Installing internal agents with proxy settings.

If your network requires traffic to go through an HTTP proxy, or you wish to make Acunetix send HTTP requests through a proxy server to analyze the traffic later on, you can configure your Target for this by adding proxy server settings.

How to add proxy server settings to a Target

  1. From the Acunetix main menu, select Targets.
  2. Click on a target from the list to view the settings page for that target.
  3. In the Default Agent section, check the box next to Configure proxy server for agent.

  1. Set the IP Address or hostname for the proxy server, set the listening port for the proxy server, and if your proxy server requires authentication, also set the user name and password for the proxy server.

  1. Complete the remainder of the Target Settings fields as necessary, then click Save.

Your target is now configured to use the proxy server.


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