What does the error ‘Temporary file is no longer working. Temporary file input/output error’ mean and how can I fix it?

Acunetix WVS utilizes temporary files stored on hard disk.  Acunetix WVS stores temporary data in these files instead of storing such data in the computer’s RAM while scanning a target. If temporary files usage is switched on, the scan will be a little bit slower but the scanner will consume much less RAM.  If it is switched off, the scan will be faster but the scanner will consume more RAM during a scan.

The temporary files location and usage can be configured from the Memory Optimization section in the Configuration > Settings > Application Settings > General node.

While using temporary files, there are some cases where the following error shows up in the Error Log in the Activity Window:

[Error] Temporary file is not longer working. Temporary file Input/Output error. Either disk is full or data is corrupted.

There are a number of reasons why such error shows up:

  1. Hard disk of computer where Acunetix WVS is running is full.
  2. Hard disk of computer might have bad sectors.
  3. The scanner has no Write access to the Temporary files directory.
  4. The hard disk is too busy.

Each time the scanner fails to write to disc, this error will show up.  It does not necessarily mean that it will affect the scan results.  When the scanner fails to write to temporary files it will automatically save such information to RAM.

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