Can I schedule an unattended scan?

Yes. The Acunetix WVS Scheduler tool allows you to create a queue which determines the time-frame at which the scan needs to be performed. The queue can be also configured to automatically use a previously saved log-in sequence, and also save the scan results to a particular location, and automatically generate a report once the scan is finished.  All settings which can be configured from the Wizard and user interface for a scan, can be configured for a scheduled scan.  One can also schedule a scan to import the target URLs from a text file which will be scanned simultaneously, or launch a scan from a previously saved crawl.  One can also configure ‘Exclusion Hours’ to avoid a your website or web application from being scanned during peak business hours.

The Scheduler runs as a MS Windows service, which means you do not need to have Acunetix WVS running at the time a scan is scheduled. The scheduler itself will initiate the scan without Acunetix WVS running in GUI.

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