Apple QuickTime Multiple Vulnerabilities - Jun09

The host is installed with Apple QuickTime which is prone to Multiple Vulnerabilities.
Successful exploitation allow attackers to execute arbitrary code, cause memory corruption or unexpected application termination via specially crafted files, images and videos. Impact Level : Application
Upgrade to Apple QuickTime version 7.6.2 or later,
The flaws are due to - an unspecified error while handling malicious 1)FLC compression files, 2)compressed PSD images, 3)PICT images, 4)JP2 images. - an error in the parsing of Sorenson Video 3 content. - a boundary error in the processing of MS ADPCM encoded audio data. - an error due to the usage of uninitialised memory when a movie with a user data atom size of zero is viewed. - a sign extension error while the handling malicious image description atoms in an Apple video file.
Apple QuickTime version prior to 7.6.2 on Windows.