BugTracker.NET Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

This host is installed with BugTracker.NET and is prone to SQL injection or XSS or file disclosure or HTTP response splitting vulnerabilities.
Successful exploitation could allow attackers to gain sensitive information by performing SQL injection, XSS, file disclosure and HTTP response splitting attacks on the affected application and execute arbitrary script code. Impact Level: Application
Upgrade to BugTracker.NET 3.8.9 For updates refer to http://ifdefined.com/bugtrackernet.html
The flaws are due to improper validation of user supplied input. SQL injection: - 'row_id.Value', 'sql' parameter in dbutil.cs File Disclosure: - 'path' parameters in view_web_config.aspx - 'which_file', 'file_name', 'path' parameters in edit_custom_html.aspx - 'filename', 'path' parameters in download_file.aspx Cross Site Scripting: - 'tags' parameter in bug_list.cs - 'path', 'blame_text' parameter in svn_blame.aspx - 'commit1', 'unified_diff_text', 'error' parameters in git_diff.aspx - 'Request', 'path' parameters in view_web_config.aspx - 'filename', 'path' parameters in download_file.aspx - 'path', 'raw_text' parameters in svn_blame.aspx - 'msg' parameter in default.aspx - 'revision', 'rev' parameters in hg_blame.asp - 'qs', 'url' parameters in util.cs HTTP Response Splitting: - 'url' parameter in util.cs - 'bg_id' parameter in delete_subscriber.aspx
BugTracker.NET version 3.5.8 and prior