CA ARCserver D2D GWT RPC Request Multiple Vulnerabilities

The host is running CA ARCserver D2D and is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.
Successful exploitation will allow attackers to gain the sensitive information, further attacker can login to the affected application then execute arbitrary commands with Administrator group privileges. Impact Level: Application
No solution or patch was made available for at least one year since disclosure of this vulnerability. Likely none will be provided anymore. General solution options are to upgrade to a newer release, disable respective features, remove the product or replace the product by another one.
Multiple flaws are due to error in GWT RPC mechanism when receives messages from the Administrator browser. A remote user with access to the web server can send a POST request to the homepageServlet serlvet containing the 'getLocalHost' message and the correct filename of a certain descriptor to disclose the username and password of the target application.
CA ARCserver D2D Version r15.0