CentOS Update for OpenIPMI CESA-2013:0123 centos5

Please Install the Updated Packages.
The OpenIPMI packages provide command line tools and utilities to access platform information using Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). System administrators can use OpenIPMI to manage systems and to perform system health monitoring. It was discovered that the IPMI event daemon (ipmievd) created its process ID (PID) file with world-writable permissions. A local user could use this flaw to make the ipmievd init script kill an arbitrary process when the ipmievd daemon is stopped or restarted. (CVE-2011-4339) Note: This issue did not affect the default configuration of OpenIPMI as shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. This update also fixes the following bugs: * Prior to this update, the ipmitool utility first checked the IPMI hardware for Dell IPMI extensions and listed only supported commands when printing command usage like the option &quot ipmtool delloem help&quot . On a non-Dell platform, the usage text was incomplete and misleading. This update lists all Dell OEM extensions in usage texts on all platforms, which allows users to check for command line arguments on non-Dell hardware. (BZ#658762) * Prior to this update, the ipmitool utility tried to retrieve the Sensor Data Records (SDR) from the IPMI bus instead of the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) bus when IPMI-enabled devices reported SDR under a different owner than the BMC. As a consequence, the timeout setting for the SDR read attempt could significantly decrease the performance and no sensor data was shown. This update modifies ipmitool to read these SDR records from the BMC and shows the correct sensor data on these platforms. (BZ#671059, BZ#749796) * Prior to this update, the exit code of the &quot ipmitool -o list&quot option was not set correctly. As a consequence, &quot ipmitool -o list&quot always returned the value 1 instead of the expected value 0. This update modifies the underlying code to return the value 0 as expected. (BZ#740780) * Prior to this update, the &quot ipmi&quot service init script did not specify the full path to the &quot /sbin/lsmod&quot and &quot /sbin/modprobe&quot system utilities. As a consequence, the init script failed when it was executed if PATH did not point to /sbin, for example, when running &quot sudo /etc/init.d/ipmi&quot . This update modifies the init script so that it now contains the full path to lsmod and modrpobe. Now, it can be executed with sudo. (BZ#829705) * Prior to this update, the ipmitool man page did not list the &quot -b&quot , &quot -B&quot , &quot -l&qu ... Description truncated, for more information please check the Reference URL
OpenIPMI on CentOS 5