CentOS Update for yum-updatesd CESA-2014:1004 centos5

Please Install the Updated Packages.
The yum-updatesd package provides a daemon which checks for available updates and can notify you when they are available via email, syslog, or dbus. It was discovered that yum-updatesd did not properly perform RPM package signature checks. When yum-updatesd was configured to automatically install updates, a remote attacker could use this flaw to install a malicious update on the target system using an unsigned RPM or an RPM signed with an untrusted key. (CVE-2014-0022) All yum-updatesd users are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which contains a backported patch to correct this issue. After installing this update, the yum-updatesd service will be restarted automatically.
yum-updatesd on CentOS 5