Check for Telnet Server

A telnet Server is running at this host. Experts in computer security, such as SANS Institute, and the members of the newsgroup recommend that the use of Telnet for remote logins should be discontinued under all normal circumstances, for the following reasons: * Telnet, by default, does not encrypt any data sent over the connection (including passwords), and so it is often practical to eavesdrop on the communications and use the password later for malicious purposes anybody who has access to a router, switch, hub or gateway located on the network between the two hosts where Telnet is being used can intercept the packets passing by and obtain login and password information (and whatever else is typed) with any of several common utilities like tcpdump and Wireshark. * Most implementations of Telnet have no authentication that would ensure communication is carried out between the two desired hosts and not intercepted in the middle. * Commonly used Telnet daemons have several vulnerabilities discovered over the years.