Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (950759)

This host has Microsoft Internet Explorer installed, which is prone to HTTP request splitting/smuggling and HTML Objects Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities.
Successful exploitation allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code by tricking user into visiting a specially crafted web page and to read data from a Web page in another domain in Internet Explorer. Attackers can use above issues to poison web caches, steal credentials, launch cross-site scripting, HTML-injection, and session-hijacking attacks. Impact Level: Application
Run Windows Update and update the listed hotfixes or download and update mentioned hotfixes in the advisory from the below link.
The flaws are due to - a memory corruption error while processing a Web page that contains certain unexpected method calls to HTML objects. - failure of setRequestHeader method of the XMLHttpRequest object to block dangerous HTTP request headers when certain 8-bit character sequences are appended to a header name.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 & 6 SP1 for Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Microsoft Windows 2003 and XP Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 for Microsoft Windows 2003 and XP Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 on MS Windows 2008 and Vista