Debian Security Advisory DSA 009-1 (stunnel)

The remote host is missing an update to stunnel announced via advisory DSA 009-1.
Lez discovered a format string problem in stunnel (a tool to create Universal SSL tunnel for other network daemons). Brian Hatch responded by stating he was already preparing a new release with multiple security fixes: 1. the PRNG (pseudo-random generated) was not seeded correctly. This only affects operation on operating systems without a secure random generator (like Linux) 2. Pid files were not created securely, making stunnel vulnerable to a symlink attack 3. There was an insecure syslog() call which could be exploited if the user could manage to insert text into the logged text. At least one way to exploit this using faked identd responses was demonstrated by Lez. These problems have been fixed in version 3.10-0potato1.