Debian Security Advisory DSA 067-1 (apache,apache-ssl)

The remote host is missing an update to apache,apache-ssl announced via advisory DSA 067-1.
We have received reports that the 'apache' http daemon, as included in the Debian 'stable' distribution, is vulnerable to the 'artificially long slash path directory listing vulnerability' as described in . This vulnerability was announced to bugtraq by Dan Harkless. Quoting the SecurityFocus entry for this vulnerability: A problem in the package could allow directory indexing, and path discovery. In a default configuration, Apache enables mod_dir, mod_autoindex, and mod_negotiation. However, by placing a custom crafted request to the Apache server consisting of a long path name created artificially by using numerous slashes, this can cause these modules to misbehave, making it possible to escape the error page, and gain a listing of the directory contents. This vulnerability makes it possible for a malicious remote user to launch an information gathering attack, which could potentially result in compromise of the system. Additionally, this vulnerability affects all releases of Apache previous to 1.3.19. This problem has been fixed in apache-ssl 1.3.9-13.3 and apache_1.3.9-14. We recommend that you upgrade your packages immediately.