Fedora Core 10 FEDORA-2009-1518 (python-fedora)

The remote host is missing an update to python-fedora announced via advisory FEDORA-2009-1518.
Apply the appropriate updates. This update can be installed with the yum update program. Use su -c 'yum update python-fedora' at the command line. For more information, refer to Managing Software with yum, available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/. https://secure1.securityspace.com/smysecure/catid.html?in=FEDORA-2009-1518
Update Information: This release includes a bugfix to the fedora.client.AccountSystem().verify_password() method. verify_password() was incorrectly returning True (username, password combination was correct) for any input. Although no known code is using this method to verify a user's account with the Fedora Account System, the existence of the method and the fact that anyone using this would be allowing users due to the bug makes this a high priority bug to fix. ChangeLog: * Sun Feb 8 2009 Toshio Kuratomi - 0.3.9-1 - New upstream with important bugfixes. * Sat Nov 29 2008 Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams - 0.3.8-2 - Rebuild for Python 2.6 * Thu Nov 20 2008 Toshio Kuratomi - 0.3.8-1 - New upstream with pycurl client backend, more fas methods, and bodhi bugfix. * Thu Oct 30 2008 Toshio Kuratomi - 0.3.7-1 - New upstream has more complete pkgdb integration.