HP Jet Admin 7.x Directory Traversal

The remote HP Web JetAdmin suffers from a number of vulnerabilities. The current running version is vulnerable to a directory traversal attack via i he setinfo.hts script. A remote attacker can access files by requesting the following string: /plugins/hpjdwm/script/test/setinfo.hts?setinclude=../../../../../hptrace.ini
To set a password for the HP Web Jet Admin service follow these steps: 1. In the navigation menu select General Settings, and expand the tree. 2. Expand Profiles Administration 3. Select Add/Remove Profiles 4. In the User Profiles page, if a password has not been set, select the 'Note: To enable security features, an Admin password must be set.' link. 5. Set an administrator password. It is strongly recommended that access be restricted by IP Addresses: 1. Expand the General Settings tree. 2. Select the HTTP (Web) branch. 3. Under the 'Allow HP Web Jetadmin Access' add your administration IP host or range. HP Also recommends removing all files that are included in the test directory. On a default installation this would be in the directory C:\Program Files\HP Web Jetadmin\doc\plugins\hpjdwm\script\