HTTP NIDS evasion

This plugin configures OVS for NIDS evasion (see the 'Prefs' panel). NIDS evasion options are useful if you want to determine the quality of the expensive NIDS you just bought. HTTP evasion techniques : - HEAD: use HEAD method instead of GET - URL encoding: - Hex: change characters to %XX - MS UTF-16: change characters to %uXXXX. This works only with IIS. - UTF-16: change characters to %00%XX. This should *not* work! - Broken UTF-8: change characters to invalid multibyte UTF8 sequences. - Absolute URI: insert scheme://host/ in front of the relative URI. - Double slashes: change every / to // - Reverse traversal: change / into /dirname/../ 'Basic' inserts 8 characters random directory names 'Long' means 1000 character directory name. - Self-reference: changes every / to /./ - Premature request ending: just like 'reverse traversal', but the directory name contains %0d%0a (could be translated to CR LF) - uses ' ' instead of '&' in the query string. - Parameter hiding: another form of reverse traversal. The directory contains %3F (could be translated to ?) - Dos/Windows: uses \ instead of / - Null method: insert %00 between the method and the URI - TAB: uses TAB instead of SPACE between the method, the URL and the HTTP version - HTTP/0.9: uses HTTP/0.9 requests (method & URI only, no HTTP version field) 'Premature request ending' and 'Parameter hiding' target 'smart' IDS. Read for more information. Warning: those features are experimental and some options may result in false negatives! This plugin does not do any security check.