IBM DB2 Self Tuning Memory Manager (STMM) DOS Vulnerability (Linux)

The host is installed with IBM DB2 and is prone to Denial of Service vulnerability.
Successful exploitation will allow attacker to cause a denial of service or have other impact by writing to this file. Impact Level: System/Application
Update IBM DB2 9.1 FP8, 9.5 FP5, 9.7 FP1,
The flaws are due to: - An error in Self Tuning Memory Manager (STMM) component when 0666 permissions for the STMM log file is used. - An error in Query Compiler, Rewrite, and Optimizer component does not enforce privilege requirements for access to a 'sequence' or 'global-variable' object, which allows remote users to make use of data via unspecified vectors.
IBM DB2 version 9.1 prior to FP8 IBM DB2 version 9.5 prior to FP5 IBM DB2 version 9.7 prior to FP1