IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Multiple Vulnerabilities 01 - March 2011

The host is running IBM WebSphere Application Server and is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.
Successful exploitation will let attackers to obtain sensitive information and cause a denial of service. Impact Level: Application
Upgrade to IBM WebSphere Application Server version or,
- The Administrative Scripting Tools component, when tracing is enabled, places wsadmin command parameters into the 'wsadmin.traceout' and 'trace.log' files, which allows local users to obtain potentially sensitive information by reading these files. - A double free error which allows remote backend IIOP servers to cause a denial of service by rejecting IIOP requests at opportunistic time instants. - The Security component allows remote authenticated users to cause a denial of service by using a Lightweight Third-Party Authentication (LTPA) token for authentication. - The Security component does not properly delete AuthCache entries upon a logout, which might allow remote attackers to access the server by leveraging an unattended workstation.
IBM WebSphere Application Server versions 6.1.0.x before and 7.x before