IIS .IDA ISAPI filter applied

Indexing Service filter is enabled on the remote Web server. Description : The IIS server appears to have the .IDA ISAPI filter mapped. At least one remote vulnerability has been discovered for the .IDA (indexing service) filter. This is detailed in Microsoft Advisory MS01-033, and gives remote SYSTEM level access to the web server. It is recommended that even if you have patched this vulnerability that you unmap the .IDA extension, and any other unused ISAPI extensions if they are not required for the operation of your site.
To unmap the .IDA extension: 1.Open Internet Services Manager. 2.Right-click the Web server choose Properties from the context menu. 3.Master Properties 4.Select WWW Service -> Edit -> HomeDirectory -> Configuration and remove the reference to .ida from the list. In addition, you may wish to download and install URLSCAN from the Microsoft Technet web site. URLSCAN, by default, blocks all .ida requests to the IIS server.