Mandriva Update for php MDKSA-2007:038 (php)

Please Install the Updated Packages.
PHP 5.2.0 and 4.4 allows local users to bypass safe_mode and open_basedir restrictions via a malicious path and a null byte before a &quot &quot in a session_save_path argument, followed by an allowed path, which causes a parsing inconsistency in which PHP validates the allowed path but sets session.save_path to the malicious path. (CVE-2006-6383) Buffer overflow in the gdImageStringFTEx function in gdft.c in GD Graphics Library 2.0.33 and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (application crash) and possibly execute arbitrary code via a crafted string with a JIS encoded font. PHP uses an embedded copy of GD and may be susceptible to the same issue. (CVE-2007-0455) Updated packages have been patched to correct these issues. Users must restart Apache for the changes to take effect.
php on Mandriva Linux 2006.0, Mandriva Linux 2006.0/X86_64, Mandriva Linux 2007.0, Mandriva Linux 2007.0/X86_64