Mandriva Update for php MDKSA-2007:089 (php)

Please Install the Updated Packages.
A heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability was found in PHP's gd extension. A script that could be forced to process WBMP images from an untrusted source could result in arbitrary code execution (CVE-2007-1001). A DoS flaw was found in how PHP processed a deeply nested array. A remote attacker could cause the PHP intrerpreter to creash by submitting an input variable with a deeply nested array (CVE-2007-1285). A vulnerability in the way the mbstring extension set global variables was discovered where a script using the mb_parse_str() function to set global variables could be forced to to enable the register_globals configuration option, possibly resulting in global variable injection (CVE-2007-1583). A vulnerability in how PHP's mail() function processed header data was discovered. If a script sent mail using a subject header containing a string from an untrusted source, a remote attacker could send bulk email to unintended recipients (CVE-2007-1718). A buffer overflow in the sqlite_decode_function() in the bundled sqlite library could allow context-dependent attackers to execute arbitrary code (CVE-2007-1887). Updated packages have been patched to correct these issues. Also note that the default use of the Hardened PHP patch helped to protect against some of these issues prior to patching.
php on Mandriva Linux 2007.0, Mandriva Linux 2007.0/X86_64