Mandriva Update for php MDVA-2012:004 (php)

Please Install the Updated Packages.
This is a maintenance and bugfix release that upgrades php to the latest 5.3.9 version which resolves numerous upstream bugs in php. php-mysqlnd packages are now also being provided with this advisory. The libmbfl packages has been upgraded to reflect the changes as of php-5.3.9. The php-ssh2 packages has been upgraded to the latest 0.11.3 version. The php-apc extension has been complemented with an additional flavour ( that resolves 64711. Note: in Mandriva you can easily switch between different flavours of APC, please have a look at the topmost lines in the /etc/php.d/99_apc.ini file.
php on Mandriva Linux 2010.1, Mandriva Linux 2010.1/X86_64