Mandriva Update for rpmdrake MDKA-2007:062 (rpmdrake)

Please Install the Updated Packages.
The rpmdrake package, which provides the graphical software installation and update tools rpmdrake, drakrpm-edit-media and MandrivaUpdate), included with Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring contains several bugs. These include: When installing software with rpmdrake, if packages are selected for installation which require other packages to be installed as well, a message will be displayed that says To satisfy dependencies, the following packages also need to be installed:, but no list of dependencies will actually be shown. When installing software with rpmdrake, searching for a package always searches through the full set of available packages even when a search filter - such as All updates or Mandriva choices - is selected. When installing software with rpmdrake, when you switch between two subsections with the same name - for instance, System/Settings/Other and Development/Other - the list of packages is not updated in the example, the packages from the System/Settings/Other group will continue to be displayed, instead of the packages from Development/Other. Running rpmdrake with the --merge-all-rpmnew parameter, which uses rpmdrake to help you merge changes in updated configuration files, does not work. When updating your system with MandrivaUpdate, when a package name cannot be correctly parsed, the name of the previous package in the list will be displayed again instead. When installing software with rpmdrake, the application will crash if a package with a malformed summary in the Unicode text encoding system was selected. Some other, more minor bugs were also fixed in this update.
rpmdrake on Mandriva Linux 2007.1, Mandriva Linux 2007.1/X86_64