Mandriva Update for samba MDKSA-2007:034 (samba)

Please Install the Updated Packages.
A logic error in the deferred open code for smbd may allow an authenticated user to exhaust resources such as memory and CPU on the server by opening multiple CIFS sessions, each of which will normally spawn a new smbd process, and sending each connection into an infinite loop. (CVE-2007-0452) The name of a file on the server's share is used as the format string when setting an NT security descriptor through the VFS plugin. (CVE-2007-0454) Updated packages have been patched to address these issues.
samba on Mandriva Linux 2006.0, Mandriva Linux 2006.0/X86_64, Mandriva Linux 2007.0, Mandriva Linux 2007.0/X86_64