Mandriva Update for samba MDVSA-2010:090 (samba)

Please Install the Updated Packages.
Multiple vulnerabilies has been found and corrected in samba: client/mount.cifs.c in mount.cifs in smbfs in Samba does not verify that the (1) device name and (2) mountpoint strings are composed of valid characters, which allows local users to cause a denial of service (mtab corruption) via a crafted string (CVE-2010-0547). client/mount.cifs.c in mount.cifs in smbfs in Samba allows local users to mount a CIFS share on an arbitrary mountpoint, and gain privileges, via a symlink attack on the mountpoint directory file (CVE-2010-0747). The updated packages have been patched to correct these issues.
samba on Mandriva Linux 2008.0, Mandriva Linux 2008.0/X86_64, Mandriva Linux 2009.0, Mandriva Linux 2009.0/X86_64, Mandriva Linux 2009.1, Mandriva Linux 2009.1/X86_64, Mandriva Linux 2010.0, Mandriva Linux 2010.0/X86_64, Mandriva Enterprise Server 5, Mandriva Enterprise Server 5/X86_64