MediaWiki Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities

This host is running MediaWiki and is prone to Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities.
Successful exploitation will let the attacker include arbitrary HTML or web scripts in the scope of the browser. This may lead to cross site scripting attacks and the attacker may gain sensitive information of the remote user or of the web application. Impact level: Application
Apply the security updates accordingly. MediaWiki Version 1.13.4 MediaWiki Version 1.12.4 MediaWiki Version 1.6.12
Multiple flaws are caused as the data supplied by the user via unspecified vectors is not adequately sanitised before being passed into the file 'config/index.php' of MediaWiki.
MediaWiki version prior to 1.13.4 MediaWiki version prior to 1.12.4 MediaWiki version prior to 1.6.12