Microsoft Windows ActiveX Control Multiple Vulnerabilities (2647518)

This script will list all the vulnerable activex controls installed on the remote windows machine with references and cause.
Successful exploitation will let the remote attackers execute arbitrary code, and can compromise a vulnerable system. Impact Level: System/Application
Apply the patch from below link, Workaround: Set the killbit for the following CLSIDs, {6e84d662-9599-11d2-9367-20cc03c10627}, {7e00a3b0-8f5c-11d2-baa4-04f205c10000}, {4ba9089c-ddfc-4206-b937-74484b06d305}, {A3CD4BF9-EC17-47A4-833C-50A324D6FF35}, {57733FF6-E100-4A4B-A7D1-A85AD17ABC54}, {9B8E377B-7291-491A-B611-BB3E1D5F99F0}, {ee5e14b0-4abf-409e-9c39-74f3d35bd85a}, {b34b19f4-7ebe-46cb-807c-746e72ebb4b6}, {7a7b986c-31e9-4286-88ca-b9dc481ca989}, {8290cb76-9f61-458b-ad2c-3f6fd2e8cd7d}, {dd7b057d-9020-4630-baf8-7a0cda04588d}, {fc7F9cc6-e049-4698-8a25-59ad87c7dce2}.
The flaws are due to errors in the handling of Biostat SamplePower, Blueberry Software Flashback Component and HP Photo Creative ActiveX controls.
Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and prior Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 and prior Microsoft Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 and prior Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and prior Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and prior