Multiple ZyWALL USG Products Remote Security Bypass Vulnerability

Multiple ZyWALL USG products are prone to a security-bypass vulnerability. Successful exploits may allow attackers to bypass certain security restrictions and perform unauthorized actions. Note: Reportedly, the firmware is also prone to a weakness that allows password-protected upgrade files to be decrypted with a known plaintext attack. The following products are vulnerable: ZyWALL USG-20 ZyWALL USG-20W ZyWALL USG-50 ZyWALL USG-100 ZyWALL USG- 200 ZyWALL USG-300 ZyWALL USG-1000 ZyWALL USG-1050 ZyWALL USG-2000
Reportedly, the issue is fixed however, Symantec has not confirmed this. Please contact the vendor for more information.