Nmap NSE 6.01: http-favicon

Gets the favicon ('favorites icon') from a web page and matches it against a database of the icons of known web applications. If there is a match, the name of the application is printed otherwise the MD5 hash of the icon data is printed. If the script argument 'favicon.uri' is given, that relative URI is always used to find the favicon. Otherwise, first the page at the root of the web server is retrieved and parsed for a '<link rel='icon'>' element. If that fails, the icon is looked for in '/favicon.ico'. If a '<link>' favicon points to a different host or port, it is ignored. SYNTAX: http.pipeline: If set, it represents the number of HTTP requests that'll be pipelined (ie, sent in a single request). This can be set low to make debugging easier, or it can be set high to test how a server reacts (its chosen max is ignored). TODO Implement cache system for http pipelines http.useragent: The value of the User-Agent header field sent with requests. By default it is ''Mozilla/5.0 (compatible Nmap Scripting Engine http://nmap.org/book/nse.html)''. A value of the empty string disables sending the User-Agent header field. http-max-cache-size: The maximum memory size (in bytes) of the cache. favicon.root: Web server path to search for favicon. favicon.uri: URI that will be requested for favicon.