Nmap NSE 6.01: smb-server-stats

Attempts to grab the server's statistics over SMB and MSRPC, which uses TCP ports 445 or 139. An administrator account is required to pull these statistics on most versions of Windows, and Vista and above require UAC to be turned down. Some of the numbers returned here don't feel right to me, but they're definitely the numbers that Windows returns. Take the values here with a grain of salt. These statistics are found using a single call to a SRVSVC function, 'NetServerGetStatistics'. This packet is parsed incorrectly by Wireshark, up to version 1.0.3 (and possibly higher). SYNTAX: smbbasic: Forces the authentication to use basic security, as opposed to 'extended security'. Against most modern systems, extended security should work, but there may be cases where you want to force basic. There's a chance that you'll get better results for enumerating users if you turn on basic authentication. smbport: Override the default port choice. If 'smbport' is open, it's used. It's assumed to be the same protocol as port 445, not port 139. Since it probably isn't possible to change Windows' ports normally, this is mostly useful if you're bouncing through a relay or something. smbsign: Controls whether or not server signatures are checked in SMB packets. By default, on Windows, server signatures aren't enabled or required. By default, this library will always sign packets if it knows how, and will check signatures if the server says to. Possible values are: - 'force': Always check server signatures, even if server says it doesn't support them (will probably fail, but is technically more secure). - 'negotiate': [default] Use signatures if server supports them. - 'ignore': Never check server signatures. Not recommended. - 'disable': Don't send signatures, at all, and don't check the server's. not recommended. More information on signatures can be found in 'smbauth.lua'. randomseed: Set to a value to change the filenames/service names that are randomly generated.