Nmap NSE net: oracle-brute

Performs brute force password auditing against Oracle servers. SYNTAX: brute.firstonly: stop guessing after first password is found (default: false) oracle-brute.sid: the instance against which to perform password guessing brute.retries: the number of times to retry if recoverable failures occure. (default: 3) tns.sid: specifies the Oracle instance to connect to brute.mode: can be user, pass or creds and determines what mode to run the engine in. - user - the unpwdb library is used to guess passwords, every password password is tried for each user. (The user iterator is in the outer loop) - pass - the unpwdb library is used to guess passwords, each password is tried for every user. (The password iterator is in the outer loop) - creds- a set of credentials (username and password pairs) are guessed against the service. This allows for lists of known or common username and password combinations to be tested. If no mode is specified and the script has not added any custom iterator the pass mode will be enabled. brute.useraspass: guess the username as password for each user (default: true) brute.passonly: iterate over passwords only for services that provide only a password for authentication. (default: false) brute.credfile: a file containing username and password pairs delimited by '/' brute.unique: make sure that each password is only guessed once (default: true) brute.threads: the number of initial worker threads, the number of active threads will be automatically adjusted. brute.delay: the number of seconds to wait between guesses (default: 0)